This is a past event. Please, join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

#websc 2019 is closed


For the 8th time in a row, we gathered web community in Rovinj to spend the last days of August engaged in workshops.

The unofficial part started with CMS Experts group meeting held on Monday and Tuesday, while we officially gathered on Tuesday evening on Welcome Drinks. There were 22 workshops divided into 4 tracks, plus the roundtable on Wednesday and unconference on Thursday that provided the opportunity to all our participants to exchange thoughts and experience.

We are happy to see that most of the workshops got positive feedback through our voting app, but there is only one winner. Congrats to Christopher Hertel for winning the Best speaker award this year. He shared some great thoughts with us during his workshop and we really hope to see him next year on #websc.

Although it was the end of summer, we enjoyed quite a hot weather all the time so Swim&Chill afternoon on Friday came as a perfect refreshment to all of us. As always, we ended our adventure in a vibrant atmosphere of La Concha bar :-)

All of this wouldn't be possible without the help of our dear friends from Salsa Adria Productions and generous support of our sponsors AWS, Prime, Netgen Layouts, Keyteq, CJW Network, Infolox, Code Rhapsodie, Q-Software, Mozilla,,, Cloudflare, Ultima and Sticker Mule.

In the next few days, we will post a full album of this year's event to our Facebook page so stay tuned :-)

Thank you all for joining us this summer!