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Trust in Teams

Workshop abstract

This session is for anyone who is curious about what it takes to build strong agile teams. It will introduce fun and different ways of handling the challenge of creating a trusting work culture, allowing innovation to flourish.

When the talk gets going about Agile transformations, high performing teams, and creating better ground for innovation to flourish, then trust is always mentioned as a prerequisite.

In an everchanging business climate, and a pretty chaotic world in general, everyone seems to agree that you need trust in order to move forward in the best possible way. But most people stop with that statement.

My claim is that there are many companies who fail with their Agile transformations because they do not spend enough time and effort on establishing real trust as a base for their working culture.

And during my work career, I have only very rarely experienced that trust actually existed in reality.

The truth is that building trust takes time (as well as courage and will). And having time is almost as rare as the sabre toothed tiger...

Rolling out processes and methods does NOT replace the magic that human interaction can create once trust has been established.

In this session, I hope to inspire you to take on a different perspective to what Agile really means. Through various exercises and different takes than you will normally experience at a session about Agile, I will help you take steps towards working on a deeper level with your colleagues and/or employees.

Christina Mumm

Agile practitioner

Christina is an experienced Agile practitioner and Project Manager who works with complex development projects and agile transformation processes. She always fights for a holistic mindset, and for the sweet spot between business strategy, technology and people.