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Symfony Messenger

Workshop abstract

The Symfony Messenger component brings to Symfony the notion of message buses and (optional) asynchronous processing of these messages via queues such as RabbitMq.

In this workshop, you will learn about (1) how to use the message bus pattern as a strategy to decouple your application, (2) configure the routing of your messages to handle them asynchronously and (3) discover the underlying notion of middleware and stamps in order to add your own logic to the buses. We'll then go into more details around (4) how Messenger applies in the CQRS context, (5) the specifics of the various transports for your asynchronous processing and (6) how to customise and write your own transports.

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Samuel Roze

VPoE at Birdie, Creator of Symfony Messenger

Samuel is VP of Engineering at Birdie, a startup helping elderlies to stay healthier and longer at home. He is very much involved with the open-source community as core team member of Symfony, creator of ContinuousPipe, Tolerance and a few other libraries and products. His main focus is helping teams to deliver the best-in-class, maintainable and always-evolving software.