Screen Reader for Developers

Workshop abstract

In some countries making inaccessible websites is already illegal. Section 508, European Accessibility Act and other federal or regional laws require websites to be accessible. That's why more and more companies prefer their websites to be accessible and it's our job as developers to make them accessible. In order to test websites for accessibility, we need to learn some new tools, such as a screen reader.

In this workshop, you will dig into screen readers and learn how to use a screen reader of your choice (JAWS, NVDA or VoiceOver) for testing accessibility of your websites.


Install NVDA or JAWS. Alternatively use special Virtual box image which will be provided for this workshop with Windows and those packages installed.

All demos are available here:

Sergei Kriger

Frontend developer at Sinnerschrader

Sergei fell in love with web development at the high school level. He got a degree in Information Technologies from the University of Helsinki and spent professional career working for web design studios in Helsinki and Munich. Sergei's focus areas are JavaScript development, UX and accessibility.