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Mastering Symfony 4's Dependency Injection

Workshop abstract

The Dependency Injection component is the spine of any Symfony apps. With Symfony 4, you should not be using the container directly in any parts of your src/ folder. In an apparent paradox, the container is now invisible from your code, allowing to create really decoupled classes that have little to no coupling with Symfony - the framework. In this workshop, I propose we review together 1. how automation works so you won't ever consider it "magic" 2. how to leverage configuration to create e.g. scoped service locators, named autowiring aliases, tagged iterators, and learn what all these beasts are if you don't ;)

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Requirements: PHP7

Nicolas Grekas

Symfony OSS core team member, Symfony Corp. Principal Engineer

Nicolas works as Principal Engineer at Symfony, the company. Before, he was CTO for, the PHP profiler that we were all missing. He started sending pull requests to Symfony by the end of 2013 and since nobody told him to stop, he ended up being a core team member & top-ranking contributor. He likes figuring out how to take the most out of the PHP engine, optimizing CI matrices and removing lines of code.