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How to make Legacy Refactoring Fun Again - From Months to Days

Workshop abstract

Legacy code is present of any successful company. The longer your live and profit, the older your code is.

How to get out of this? You can rewrite (don't do that!) or refactor manual (don't do that either!). It's 2019 and there is a tool for that now - Rector. I will show you how you can make your legacy code shine again!


Tomáš Votruba

Adventerous Legacy Restorer

Tomas loves PHP and connecting people, so he founded Czech & Slovak PHP Community Pehapkari in 2015, where all PHP developers can share their knowledge, chat on Slack or grab a beer. His passion is open-source for lazy people - instant upgrades and coding standards. He takes care of Rector and EasyCodingStandard packages.