This is a past event. Please, join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Getting Your Hands Dirty with Serverless

Workshop abstract

Whoever coined the phrase “spin up a server” was clearly spinning out of their mind. Running, monitoring, and maintaining servers is hard. Come join two seasoned Cloudflare programmers who’ll show you how a serverless framework can make your development life easier. This hands-on workshop will guide you on getting started with Cloudflare Workers, a serverless platform that deploys your code to over 170 locations around the world. Use easy-to-learn JavaScript and the Service Workers API to get a web application up and running. Bring your laptop and we’ll run through a variety of coding demos.

The workshop would be an introduction to serverless technology using Cloudflare Workers. The workshop will cover incremental bite sized exercises for building applications at the CDN level with Javascript.

Exercises covered

  • Deliver a static asset to the web
  • Serve an API response to a client
  • Modify HTTP responses/requests
  • Manipulate content before it reaches your front-end
  • Deploy fixes to your site in seconds without touching an origin server


Preston Pham

Engineering at Cloudflare

Systems engineer working on distributed systems and APIs powering new products at Cloudflare. His latest project is a video streaming platform which uses serverless technology to handle 2M+ requests daily.