This is a past event. Please, join us for Web Summer Camp this year.

Building your first Fullstack Serverless App with AWS Amplify, GraphQL and Vue

Workshop abstract

In this workshop we will be introducing AWS Amplify a modern toolchain, libraries and UI components to build modern Fullstack Serverless Apps. You will be building a fully featured Application from development to production.


  • Introduction to AWS Amplify
  • Designing a GraphQL API
  • Building the client and running queries and mutations
  • Adding real-time subscriptions and handling notifications
  • Adding offline support


  • Create a new AWS account and activate free plan, follow the steps from AWS knowledge center
  • Install latest version of Node (12.8)
  • Install latest Vue CLI (3.10)
  • Have latest Chrome with Vue DevTools (5.1.1)

Gerard Sans

Developer Advocate at AWS

Gerard is very excited about the future of the Web and JavaScript. Always happy Computer Science Engineer and humble Angular GDE. He loves to share his learnings by giving talks, trainings and writing about cool technologies. He loves running AngularZone and GraphQL London, mentoring students and giving back to the community.