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Battle tested API design

Workshop abstract

Well designed and performant API's are key aspects of good and reliable application systems.

Especially when kicking of an API system it is really hard to setup and define all boundaries that are necessary to build a futureproof API. Changes later on can be time consuming and of course expensive.

Therefore it is extremely important to plan the API design beforehand and to use best practices and patterns from the industry.

In this session I will guide the listeners through the creation process of an API and will introduce and explain all important parts that constitute a battle tested and robust API. Things like middleware layers, security tokens are only some key points that will be presented on stage.


Johannes Pichler

Lead Web Developer @

Johannes Pichler is a Lead Web Developer working at, the biggest job platform in Austria. At he is building RESTful APIs and the website powered by Laravel. In his spare time Johannes loves to contribute to open source projects like and other PHP/Laravel related projects. Based on his former experiences he forces his team mates and himself to follow a test-driven development approach and to use supportive tools as efficient as possible.