How to Train Your Dragon - AI powered services

Workshop abstract

My plan is to build an advanced AI powered service voice bot that can manage all external communication with clients. During this workshop, my strong focus will be on designing and implementing best practices from the industry and the principles of conversational design. We will design conversational flows, launch all projects and test them. Then it will allow us to collect NLP requirements to know what intentions and entities are most needed. Also, we will learn about NLP, intent clarification, entities extraction and dialogue management using the open source stack which is powered by TensorFlow.

Velimir Bulatovic

Chairman of the Board @ LazyBrain

Velimir is Vice President, Product and Software Engineering at the Institute of Contemporary Sciences, Institution behind the largest conference in South East Europe dedicated to data science. He is the founder and Chairman of the Board at LazyBrain Initiative, an organization which aims to promote and improve algorithmic literacy.